Mobile Payments

Freemium, inApp, and subscription payments
across mobile platforms!

Increase your revenue and collect payments from over 180 countries, connecting to multiple payment partners all through one simple integration.  Robillion provides the tools to capture your piece of the 2 billion users online today.  Based on users location we draw from over 85 payment methods which are then localized and optimized to evoke user payments.

Our skinnable payment screens can be presented in-game to allow user to pay-stay-in, while matching your game's look and feel.  As your users get more engaged, recurring billing is an effective way to both reduce the pain of having to pay repeatedly, and build sustainable revenue channels.  Our subscriptions API is a recurring billing solution for your applications. Unlike other recurring billing solutions where users have to navigate to third party sites for subscriptions, we bring the subscription sign-up, management and upgrades within your application.



  • Single click experience
  • Virtual Currency Support
  • Skinnable payment forms
  • 85+ payment methods
  • Low fees
  • Fraud protection, 24x7x365
  • Cross platform device support