Not all designers wear Threadless t-shirts, skinny jeans and chucks – making it a little more difficult to spot them in a crowd. So to save us having to set up cordons in the hunt for the perfect digital designer, we've settled on a couple of paragraphs to help narrow the search.

If we were to set-up a cordon, the 'officer in charge' would be briefed to stop every passing motorist and ask them to draw a picture of 'super-awesomeness'. Many would refuse and continue on their way. Others might speed off after leaving a childish scrawl merely to appease. A few might put pen to paper and even display some talent in the process. These folk would be ushered on their way. But a select few would stop, ponder for a moment and ask four telling questions:

The questions

  • What will the picture be used for?
  • Who’s the target audience?
  • When do I start?
  • Do you want Photoshop files when I'm done, or a jpeg or PDF emailed over?

If you think you belong to the latter group and relish the prospect of visualising super-awesomeness on a daily basis, then get in touch.